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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation

The children at Surfleet Primary School enjoy helping and supporting each other. Although the children generally get on very well, from time to time little disagreements can occur. We use the 'peer mediator' system in school, and selected children from Year 5 and Year 6 work alongside the adults to support their friends when these issues occur.  Peer mediators are given training and have regular meetings to discuss how best to help children resolve minor issues, and when to seek adult support. 
The mediation process involves peer mediators sitting in a quiet area with the children involved and discussing the issue to try to find a resolution.  The issues are often dealt with quickly, but if the mediators feel they are not equipped to deal with the conflict then it is referred to Mrs Quadling, one of our teaching assistants. Mediators are required to keep a record of any conflict resolution that occurs in the playground. There is a book where entries should be logged at the end of every break time.
Please note that physical altercations are always dealt with by a member of staff.
This year our Peer Mediators are Emese, William, Raiens and Abbie.

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